organizations that can help

The Antifragile Enterprise’s founder, Doug Knesek, is currently the Director of Agile Development & Coaching at Flexion, based in Wisconsin. Flexion developed and delivers two courses: “Leading Option Kata,” and “Applying Option Kata.” Flexion also provides OK coaching, both at your location and remotely.

Leading Option-Boundry Kata is a two-hour course aimed at providing organizational leaders with a basic understanding of the philosophy, approach, and their role in subsuming Option Kata into the organization. Its purpose is to provide enough information for leadership to decide whether they want to proceed with an OK pilot and, if so, provide an understanding of the overall process.

Applying Option Kata is a full-day hands-on workshop that gives a team and their designated internal coach both the conceptual knowledge they need to start performing OK cycles and facilitates practicing applying the OK to an authentic and immediate problem of the team’s choosing. At the end of the workshop, the facilitator guides the team’s selection and application of “process hooks” that will link OK to their existing iterative processes into the future.